Vendetta : Curse of Raven’s Cry (2015) Update v1.03

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Vendetta : Curse of Raven's Cry (2015) Update v1.03
Vendetta : Curse of Raven’s Cry (2015) Update v1.03
PC | English, German | Developer: Reality Pump Studios | Publisher: TopWare Interactive | 3.79 Gb
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG

In the darkest corners of the Caribbean, an old evil is rising again. It’s been years since Christopher Raven’s family was brutally murdered by Neville “the Devil” Scranton and his bloodthirsty gang, the Devil’s Tines. Orphaned and missing a hand, Christopher is rescued by Marcus, an ex-slave and rum-maker who nurses Christopher back to health and takes him under his wing. Growing up with a black bitterness in his heart, Christopher drowns his demons in rum and violence, brooding endlessly on the revenge that was stolen from him when the Devil’s Tines disappeared in the monstrous quake that sunk half of Port Royal. When a string of brutal and all too familiar murders occur, Christopher’s chance for revenge is suddenly within his grasp. Neville and the Tines are back, and nothing on earth will stop Christopher from claiming their heads.

Vendetta : Curse of Raven's Cry (2015) Update v1.03

Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry is a third person, open world action-RPG that combines fast-paced swordplay with thrilling naval battles and exploration. Assume the role of dread pirate Christopher Raven and take your revenge on Captain Neville Scranton and the men who killed your family. Loot, sail, shoot and stab your way through myriad missions and side-quests, and explore the sprawling West Antilles by land or by sea. Hand pick your crew, upgrade your skills and your ship, and gain a reputation for either savagery or mercy, influencing how your friends and foes interact with you. Every choice has a price, and your decisions will bring you closer to your ultimate revenge. Getting there with your soul intact is up to you.

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