Shayne Ward Damaged

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Shayne Ward Damaged

Remember those photographs we took on the boat in Spain
I took them down and ripped them up and threw them all away
remember on the back of one you wrote we would meant to be
that doesn’t really matter now cause u don’t mean a thing to me

baby you shoulda told me tryna to find the start
I thought I was your only till you put me on the self and found somebody else

I never thought that you would ever do that everything we had is gone
said you loved me said never leave me maybe you just heard your wrong
cause im damaged, im damaged, don’t know what to do, baby
im damaged so, so damaged because of you

got rid of those clothes you left like you got rid of our dreams
don’t wanna be reminded of all of the memories
I use to have the ticket stamp saved from our very first date
but that don’t really matter now cause you threw our love away

baby you shoulda told me cause now im torn apart
thought that I was your only till you put me on the shelf and found sumbody else


its almost like you were never here
I almost feel like I don’t care cause I almost got rid of all the pain
the only thing I have left to say is how good you leave me so damaged

Girl I never thought, never thought never thought that’d you’d do that everything is gone
(everything is gone)
you said you loved me said youd never leave me maybe I just heard you wrong (heard you wrong)

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