Senerio Eden

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This game of love is hard at first
This game of trust, now that’s the worst
Am I forever cursed?
Cause I took you back but after her.
All it took was on confession about my sexuality
Honey, you may think it was forced but no I came out willingly.
So rest assure, lay your head
Simmer down, go to bed
Because you got no place to go
Too many motherfuckers in your way

So just take me to EDEN
I have been beaten down by myself
I need you now

You were wrong to follow me here
You might see things that you won’t like

Ni**a said goodbye to all my problems
Because I am so masculine.
Sayin’ “fuck you bitch, we ain’t no pussies”
“Peace and love is just the trend”
Rock new clothes and take a selfie
Pop filters on kilograms
Insta got me feeling thirsty
Came by popular demand
(Shabu Shabu)
I mean methamphetamine whatever
Breaking bad laws, can I help you officer
Swallow my cactus, like you’re in a desert
Fucked up I am, sober I never
Music, Theatre, I made a new motion
Cause love is the new drug that I’m overdosin’
Fuck all that bullshit, bring out the lotion
Rub off solutions to give you my notion
Jose Pizarro, no money tomorrow
You spent it on camera and three locos tacos
And PlayStation consoles
Never be me.

I spend all my money on music and weed.
And showgirl divas, who bob and weave us
Hand to the Bible,
Like a Fashion Preacher
With bust up sneakers
And limited features,
Sayin’ “Motherfucker, I am EDEN”
(Phone Call)
Hey, I did it!
I killed the hookers…
They’re dead. They’re all DEAD!
That’s it! I’m done man.
No more cocaine for me.

So just take me to EDEN
I have been beaten down by myself
I need you now


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