Rick Ross – Keep Doin’ That

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Rick Ross – Keep Doin’ That

[Intro, Rick Ross]This is for my rich bitches
Her puppy named Panamera
Her puppy named Panamera
She got a condo in the area
Rich bitch
Uh, yeah

[Verse 1, Rick Ross]She stay at her friend’s and all these bitches is bad
Watch them lick on each other, I’m talking pussy to ass
Dope boy still at large, tracking device on her car
Tattoos on her arm, Double M diamond charms
Chanel bag on her hip, Hermès bracelets and things
Let her fuck Meek Mill, told her keep chasing her dreams
Get the Lexus to flip, purple Texas to sip
She make it rain like a nigga, we got more money to get
Rich bitch, call her rich bitch
Cause she fuck with dope boys and can suck a good dick

[Hook, R. Kelly]Yeah, I’m a spend up all this money
Girl, you doing something to me
Hell yeah, keep doing that
Doing that, keep doing that, doing that, keep doing that
Doing that, keep doing that, doing that

[Verse 2, R. Kelly]I be feasting on Tinder, she take just like piegeons
Diamond-studded La Perla, that pussy’s prestigious
Yeah, she remind me of something but that shit ain’t my Jeep
Matching Bugattis, Versace, she’s went with three
She be moving that dough, quarter mil on her wrist
Why you niggas be slippin’? This bitch is fucking your bitch
… spent five tags,… might pop tags
Crocodile, python, that’s a zoo on her bag
She on the phone making deals, we getting them checks
My Penelope Cruz, I let her meet my connects
I fuck her all on the marble, yeah, that girl is a freak
She like coming in morning, she’s the female me

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