JKT48 Halloween Night [English Version]

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JKT48 Halloween Night [English Version]

(welcome to halloween night)

when i open this door it feels like a time machine
when my dreams come take me back to the discotique (discotique)
in this … party
i’m searching for where you will be
all this monsters in love make me dancing til morning come

mirror ball keeps spinning over the dance floor
and this parade of custom is ready to trick or threat (trick or threat)
but i’m right here on my own
i am lost in my confusion
listen to the rhythm, let it tell me how i should rule hoo

halloween night, midnight boogie night
see the jack o’ lantern smile at you
come on dance and clap your hand
and then shake your hips
you don’t need to think too much on night like this

halloween night, now it’s time to dance
you don’t need to say another word
let it go and loose control
just forget the world
once a year we have some fun in this morning fall
on this day we close our feel like animal on halloween night, night

now this is the right time to make my own (fantasy world)
i’ll fulfill all of my wildest dream in one night of magic
don’t you ever loose …
who you were when you were just a child
now you’re reborn once more
reach your instinct and let it go hooo

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