Farmville 2 Trainer Xsonicx 4.1 Hack (2016)

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General Information: This is the latest Launched version of Farmville 2 Trainer 4.1 Hack. This version is launched on 29.Dec.2016 This is a upgraded Trainer, basically there was a change of server, All Problems are solved now in this version.All the scripts are working fine.Some changes has been made in this version. Do your tests and leave comments, Thank you.


  • 3500 Temporary Cash. (use this to buy anything and open expansions But this will not work on Quests. You need at-least 1 cash to use this feature.Now purchase 5 Feed Pack and you will see that you have 10000 cash) (Temporary Cash).
  • Ask’s and post will be ready in 1 minute. ( Enable This and 18 hours will be 1 minute. you can send request again and again).
  • Produce x300 (Use this feature and Produce x300)
  • Harvest Crops, Trees and animals in Minutes. ( Enable this and harvest Crops, Trees and animals as many time as you want).
  • Remove all Rock, Wood ( Visiting Neighbours). (Enable this to Remove Rocks, Woods From your farm. Just visit any neighbour and return home).
  • Inventory x300 click “ON” then buy in the inventory or use water, energy, resource … everything will x300


  • Clean cache Open the game in Firefox or Chrome (preferably)
  • Now load the game, and wait makes it perfectly, then will make some action, reap … buy something, etc (this eliminates duplication of plugin-conteiner.exe process).
  • Now open the Trainer and select the flas process of your browser. If you use XP, be the plugin-container, when using Vista, W7 and W8 mark Flashplayer


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