Diptrace v3.0 With 3D Library

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Diptrace v3.0 With 3D Library


Diptrace v3.0 With 3D Library | 2.4 Gb

Novarm team proudly announces the stable release of DipTrace 3.0. This version features a comprehensive differential pair toolkit with double or single-track routing modes, phase tuning meander tool,
real-time verification of differential pair rules, ODB++ and Gerber X2 manufacturing outputs for reliable CAD-CAM data transfer, and customizable keyboard shortcuts that minimize the learning curve for new users.

What’s New in version 3.0:

– Differential pairs:

Define differential pair and its rules;
Automatic or manual defining of paired pads;
Paired routing and editing of differential pair;
Single-track differential pair routing and editing;
Phase tune tool (place custom / regular size meanders);
Real-time control of phase and length tolerance;
Differential pair manager;
Support of differential pairs for external autorouters, recognition of paired traces.

– Custom user-defined keyboard shortcuts for tools and dialogs.
– ODB++ (version 7.0) manufacturing output.
– Gerber X2 manufacturing output.
– DRC rule details (easy editing of routing constraints).
– Tree view of 3D models in All Models list, sorted by categories (folders).
– Overall speed and memory optimization for large designs.
– Optimized UI fonts.
– 8143 new components.
– 5694 new STEP models for 3D.

About Novarm Limited
Established in 2002, Novarm is a software development company, specializing in state-of-the-art programs for PCB professionals and hobbyists, united into DipTrace design suite. We provide affordable, powerful and easy-to-use solution for electronic engineers worldwide. The software uses intuitive features and commands based on long-term heavy involvement into electronic designers community and observations how EDA software is actually used. We listen carefully to our customers telling us about their needs.

Name: DipTrace 3.0
Version: with 3D Library
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1

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