Dance Gavin Dance – On The Run

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Lirik lagu Dance Gavin Dance – On The Run ini kami sajikan dari hasil mencari lirik lagu terbaik untuk Dance Gavin Dance – On The Run dari internet.
Dengan dipublikasikannya lirik lagu ini diharapkan dapat menjaga informasi tentang dunia music dan lyrics, sehingga tetap bisa dikembangkan oleh penikmat music atau musisi-musisi digenerasi mendatang.
Seperti diketahui bahwa lirik lagu Dance Gavin Dance – On The Run yang satu ini adalah lirik yang paling dicari.

Dance Gavin Dance – On The Run

Pop that, shock and awe, get that grab it, go go claws
I go broke when I assume I suck, flex my settlement, I’m selling stuff
Get that, go in raw, have a baby, adopt a dog
Well I blasted enacted and off to space, Well I practiced adapted, and it felt great

Right now I need somebody
A little taste of honey

Legs don’t matter, they’re just softening, I’m limpin
Bugs don’t matter, no death is suffering, so squish it.

I’m giving in this time
Temptation running wild
Shutting down my mind

You got me on the run (uh oh)
You know me more than anybody (uh oh)
You caught me with the gun in my hand (uh oh)
But I don’t care bout anybody but you

I’m on a roll
I can’t contain myself
I need a taste

Don’t tell me that we’re done (uh oh)
I know you more than anybody (uh oh)
I’ll make it up to you I swear (uh oh)
Cuz I don’t care bout anybody but you

I got a feeling that you’re dropping the bomb tonight
And leaving me on my own
Took all your pictures off the wall and you were cold as ice
When we talked on the phone
If you want it come home maybe we could work it out
You know I would take it back if I could
Or we could leave it in the past and try make it out
Hit the radio and set the mood

I did you wrong now let me atone
Cuz I don’t think we’ll make it all alone
I got a feeling that we’re here to stay
Stick with me and I can take you there
I’m not about to throw it all away
Holding on to what we got, so rare

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