AquaSoft SlideShow Premium Portable

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AquaSoft SlideShow Premium Portable | 116.49 MB – Create Slide shows for DVD and PC! Just add your photos and videos and you are done. Use powerful tools like multi-track timeline, storyboard and layout designer to create stunning animations with movement paths, zooms, ken burns effects and camera pans. Synchronize your photos with music or record your own speech. Add texts, choose transitions and text animations. Structure your slide show with chapters so even long slide shows can be handled with ease.

Software Highlights
Intuitive to learn-start working on your presentations right away!
Compliant with many types of media-use images, videos, text, and music, or any combination of the four
Ample special effects- transitions, movements, fades, and more are only a few clicks away
Versatile-use one of the many wizards to quickly create a presentation

Create your own movies from still shots
Burning images
Present images and video clips in a slide show
Utilize images without altering them in any way:
AquaSoft SlideShow hits the throttle-hardware acceleration
Widescreen option (16:9) available
Record history and tell stories with images
Insert an unlimited number of videos and pictures
Characters with, ah, character!
Bitmap effects using Drag and Drop

OS : Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP
Language : English

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