A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2

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Lirik lagu A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 ini kami sajikan dari hasil mencari lirik lagu terbaik untuk A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 dari internet.
Dengan dipublikasikannya lirik lagu ini diharapkan dapat menjaga informasi tentang dunia music dan lyrics, sehingga tetap bisa dikembangkan oleh penikmat music atau musisi-musisi digenerasi mendatang.
Seperti diketahui bahwa lirik lagu A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 yang satu ini adalah lirik yang paling dicari.

A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2

Who the jiggy nigga with the gold links?
Got me reminiscin’ ’bout my old day
Three 6; suck a nigga dick, no foreplay, all day
Boomin’ out the trap through the hallway
Tell me what you niggas know about it
Auntie sayin’ turn it down, or she finna call the cops
We be plottin’ on the ops, she the one who got the drop
Just a free, quick fix, to the A and it’s okay
They gon’ take me back to my old ways
I was tryna chill, poppin’ seals ever since I got a deal
Kick it with my model chick
Sip Cris, fuck niggas wanna diss
Now I gotta let ’em know whose really trill

Lord Pretty Flacko, Jodye
Tell these fuck niggas, how you been?
You can freshen our minds, niggas talk down every now and then
On the style, gettin’ styled 9 times out of 10
It was, Flacko, Jodye, Flacko, Jodye, Flacko, Jodye

I ain’t never lookin’ for no handouts
Broke ass niggas never helpin’ but they hands out
Find out where the fuck nigga live then we camp out
Screamin’ fuck the world, never catch me with my pants down
Always been a stand up guy, I’d rather stand out
Raf Simmons, Stan Smith edition with my bands out
I’m the trillest one to do it since Pimp, nigga hands down
If a nigga put his hands on me, that’s a man down
Trick what? Pimps up, hoes down
Woah now, slow down
See they runnin’ with my old style
Grow foul, gold smile, you ho now, thuggin’ with my old style
It’s a shame how they low down
Dirty like Adidas on my sneaker feature, uh
Trappin’ through the speaker, peep the beeper ringer, uh
Turnin’ off phones, just to reach ’em, gotta beep ’em
I’m a Lord motherfucker, better greet him if you see him


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